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Pella High School Activities

During the fall of last year I was given the awesome and super fun opportunity to run with an idea for a video highlighting all Pella’s successful activities. I brainstormed with a group of Pella teachers and administrators and we came up with a 2 and a half minute film showcasing individual students at Pella, as well as the programs. All of the students did such a great job speaking to the highlights and the value of participating in activities in high school. Although I grew up as a Grinnell Tiger, it still was a blast to put this together and collaborate with the students and staff at Pella.

Upward Bound Central

Last year my wife Lindsy and I had the awesome opportunity to work with the students and staff of Upward Bound at Central College in Pella. Not only was it a way to make some vacation money during the summer, but it was a great three weeks getting know kids who were really dedicated to making their education a priority. I was no where near giving up three weeks of my summer to be back in the classroom, but these kids were. They had a ton of energy and were so ready to make themselves and the world around them better. I wanted to help share the kids and the program with people who could help make sure programs like these don’t disappear.



The Hausteins

Just a few snapshots of Marcus and Heidi’s Pella wedding today! Their day was beautiful and the friends and family they were surrounded with made their day even more special. The mood of the day was relaxed and fun and their reception had an awesome and memorable surprise. We can’t wait to show you a segment!

Usher and the Monshizadehs

Usher didn’t decide to show up at the Monshizadeh’s spectacular wedding celebration in Custer State Park aka Buffalo and Perfect Wedding Center, South Dakota. But, as I am creating and making the DVD’s of their day, his 2004 hit song “Burn” is pumping through my speakers so Usher and the Monshizadeh’s seemed like an appropriate title.

I am really excited to start getting the films from the summer out the door and to the couples. They have been really patient while I edit and make them the best that I can.


Andrew and Tremaine Black Hills Wedding

There were hikes and climbs and s’mores and tears and laughs and cupcakes and vows and cheers and dancing. There were buffaloes. There were two people who got married and put on the greatest wedding the Black Hills have ever seen.

Andrew and Tremaine!

It was so nice to be able to travel to such a meaningful place for the bride and myself. Tremaine and Andrew put so much thought and detail into the wedding and the reception, right down to buffalo cufflinks. I was born in South Dakota but after moving away when I was two, I had never had the chance to visit the Black Hills. It was a perfect South Dakota wedding.

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